Last year Instagram launched an official Instagram desktop app for Windows 10, and users were happy, but it lacks one key function-users can not upload photos to Instagram from your PC. Unlike the mobile app, the desktop app has no way to upload and post photos on the website either and lacks a dedicated app for Mac OS X.

This is users pain-especially if you want to share photos you have taken with a digital camera and are in your PC storage. Also when you want to make a few sneaky edits of the picture using PC photo editor first, the user has to send the picture to a smart phone then upload.

We expect this to change in the future, in the meantime their tow handy ways to get around this problem and upload photos to Instagram from your PC.

The BlueStacks method

The Instagram app forAndroid OS is superb, and users can run as an Instagram desktop app using free Android Emulator Blue Stacks App Player, enabling the user to upload photos to Instagram fromyour PC or Mac.

To use the BlueStacks Methods, Download and install BlueStacks. Open the app and select the right language. Users should not worry about the location accuracy since you arenot out and about, so feel free to dismiss this option when it appears.Login using yourGoogle account as usual, and now you can upload photos as you do with your mobile Instagram app.

The Dropbox method

Cloud storage service Dropbox is another circumvent way to Instagram desktop app blocking and upload photos fromyour PC and Mac. To use this service user has to have a Dropbox account, then download and install the DropBox client software for Windows or Mac OS.

To upload pictures using DropBox drag a photo from your PC or Mac into your new DropBox folder and it will be synced with the mobile app automatically.

Grab your phone, open the drop app and tap your photo to select it. Tap the downward-pointing arrow in the top right to select Export then choose the Instagram app.


This option promises a bit more direct with publication. It also promises bulk upload pictures fromyour Mac device to your Instagram desktop app all in one go.

Here is how Uplet works:

  • Download Uplet and install it on your Mac.
  • Run the Uplet and log in to your Instagram account through it.
  • Using the drag and drop panel where you drag in photos.


Thisseems to be the one and only Pc to theInstagram uploader. The app works for both Mac and PC.It is a web-based app with a desktop client allowing users to upload pictures. This the best appcollaborates on any platform allowing the Instagram desktop app. You download the app and sign in to your Instagram account through the app, and you are set to upload pictures.

To conclude:

Each of the options above has plenty of alternatives that works, in the same way, floating around. There is the natural Push Photo, Latergram, Postso, Schedy Gram and some other operating services. Just choose the ones that seem to have the best success rates and the fewest drawbacks. Let us know if they stop working with your Instagram desktop app.