There are many applications out there that allow the use of video, voice and text conversation but FaceTime, Skype and Vibers are among the top rated because each of them provides a quality service to their user.

To a considerable extent each of this application has some disadvantage and advantages this make one better than the other. Before I proceed to which one is the best app you have to have it in mind that the quality of video during video conversation on this entire app depend on various thing from the speed of internet connection to front camera quality.


Factice windows, unlike any other application, have a precise objective which is audio and video conversation only. This application offers a clean function there is nothing like smileys, text or gif attached to its functionality.

This makes it simple and makes it interface uncluttered. Having a minimalist interface, it is easy for it producer to keep it quality high. To specify which app is the best on this list will be difficult because many things is put into account


Skype, on the other hand, is most popular application compared to others it is a big star on windows as stated by the most tech news website. Unlike most instant application Skype don’t use the mobile number it rather use your email as registration protocol and this makes it more anonymity.

You don’t have to provide your real email or name. Skype provide you with video, audio and text conversation. The number of smiley and animation is increasing rapidly, and this makes it less pure.


Viber is another legend in the video, audio, and texting conversation app. It allows it, user, to send a file that is saved on their phone. One of the benefits of the app is that it a cross platform application.

It makes it possible to make video call from your Smartphone when you are outside and from your Windows PC when you are inside. Like other application, the application provides excellent video call.

In conclusion, this entire app has their advantages and disadvantages this make them the best based on users opinion. From statistic, Skype is most used by this application, and this makes it the best of all the three.

This might not be a real justification of which one is the best but this app must have provided it user with a great experience, and that is why people stick to it than any other app.

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