Mobile phones have advanced from mere calling gadgets, simple calculators and alarm devices to complex, reliable business and entertainment tools. You can now use your phone to access countless social media sites, make and receive payments, file reports, and even read tech news from your favorite sites.

All this happens through the use of countless android and IOS apps from phone stores. The stores contain both free and paid version of the applications. The ability of mobile phones to have access to virtually any useful app has led to many people looking for ways they can get IOS store and android on pc. Currently, this is possible although to a limited extent. For instance, installing Whatsapp on PCs without Bluestacks means you have to keep your phone in sync with the one on PC to work.

3 Common ways to run Android apps on your PC


Bluestacks is the best and easiest way anyone can run Android applications on their PCs. It doesn’t replace PC’s operating system but rather runs differently in a separate window. Bluestacks is fluid and runs superbly on any PC. It allows you to access any app in the android store.

Bluestacks is not a full Androidemulator, and therefore you won’t be able to enjoy the full Android experience. Nevertheless, this is a good thing as no one wants to turn their PCs into phones. The app is free to download and needs a google account to use-just as you need one when using android apps on phones.

Some of the challenges with Bluestacks include texture and pixilation problem. This is probably because the apps were developed for small screens and not those of PCs. Also, for non-touchscreen PCs, it’s virtually impossible to zoom those apps that use this feature via pinching in and out.


YouWave runs almost in a similar manner to Bluestacks with similar pixilation and zooming issues although it promises a full Android experience. Unlike Bluestacks that you just install, YouWave needs you to install VM VirtualBox for it to run efficiently. There are two versions of this program; free and premium edition that goes for around $30. More details here:

Google’s Android Studio

Another way to run Android apps on your PC is through Google’s Android Studio. This is an android emulator that provides a full Android experience. Everything from files and folders will be displayed in android themes. The two main problems with Android Studio is its intricate setup process and slow operation, especially when playing games. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best options for those who want to enjoy android apps on PC.

Instagram desktop app instapic, facetimewindows, and other apps can be downloaded straight from the internet into a PC as well. Make sure the source you use is trustworthy to avoid introducing virus into your personal computer.